Q2 2023 is deep work, and I'm not taking inbound meetings

April 14, 2023

From now until the end of June, I’m working some exciting things. First, I left Webflow and joined Replit as an Operating Partner!

My focus for Q2 is to set up the foundation to focus on my life’s work and mission: Investing and building tools that revolutionize the way people build software. This requires Deep Work and me to be extremely disciplined with my time. As a result, I am not taking any new meetings with anyone for Q2 that doesn’t have to do with the mission.

Why am I sharing this with the world? I don’t want anyone to think I am not interesting in connecting with you. If I don’t respond to your email or DMs on Twitter, this is why.

There is a paradigms shift in how software is built with AI, and I need to go deep and spend every minute possible to dedicate to this with Replit and the industry.

If you know what I’m working on and we’re already chatting, please continue to email/text me.

For those looking to connect me about other topics, I have recommendations:

  • Seeking mentorship: I highly recommend ADPList
  • Career advice: I can do my best to answer via email but do not have bandwidth to taking calls
  • Inquiry about angel investing: please email me your pitch deck and notes and I’m happy to review. Because of my bandwidth, I may not be able to respond but if there is interest I’ll reach out
  • General networking: unless the conversation fits my current mission on tools that revolutionize the way people build software, I cannot meet
  • If you’re interested in Replit’s Product Design role, please apply directly. You will get a faster response about the opportunity than reaching out to me about setting up time for a call
  • Job seekers, check out my job board on Pallet along with Femke’s
  • I also write a lot about topics you might be interested in at Proof of Concept. I really appreciate everyone’s understanding of my focus on this. As much as I’d love to connect and wish I could spend the time, I need to focus on this crucial point in time in where technology is moving.
  • Those who have my phone number or access to my EA please continue to reach out in those channels. LFG.