I'm David Hoang (DH), a designer, investor, and writer based in California.

For inquiries, please email me

Currently, I work at Replit as the VP of Marketing and Design. My background is multi-disciplinary in engineering, design, business, and marketing with nearly 20 years of experience in tech. I synthesize my purpose in a life-time mission of building and investing in tools that revolutionize the internet.

Before Replit, I helped scale companies as the first Head of Design at both Webflow and One Medical for nearly a decade of my life. I started my career as a UI Designer for iOS applications in the early days of the app store, started my own software studio (Xhatch Interactive), and was Director of Mobile Design at Black Pixel.

I'm fortunate to align purpose and profession—focused on building great teams, products, and companies.


I love the day-to-day work at a company, especially unicorns at the growth stage. I'm commited to work at companies that give people access to building on the internet who ordinarly would not have the opportunity.


I've had the pleasure in my career to receive great guidance. Investing and advising are my vehicles to pay it forward. I'm an independent angel investor in early stage startups and have written 30 checks.


I write a weekly publication called Proof of Concept, a newsletter focused on growth, experiementation, and creative exploration.

Let's work together

My time is limited but always open to conversations and would love to see how I can help. Feel free to email me.