David Hoang (DH) is an operator, investor, and writer based California.

My background is multi-disciplinary in product, design, business, and marketing with nearly 20 years of experience in tech. I synthesize my purpose in a life-time mission of building and investing in tools that revolutionize the internet.

I'm currently VP of Marketing and Design at Replit. Prior, I was the first Head of Design at Webflow and One Medical. I started my career as a UI Designer for iOS applications in the early days of the app store, started my own product studio (Xhatch Interactive), and was Director of Mobile Design at Black Pixel.

I'm grateful to work in a profession I love and passionate about in various facets.


I believe continuously going in your craft is crucial. I thrive as an operator at growth stage startups.


I'm an independent angel investor in 30 early stage startups.


I write a publication called Proof of Concept, a newsletter focused on growth, experiementation, and creative exploration.

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