Built with Replit

September 3, 2023

I switched davidhoang.com to be built, deployed, and maintained all on Replit. The switch from Webflow to Replit took me about a weekend to get it all done.

For personal sites, I wanted to keep it simple since the only person who will ever maintain it is me. I opted to choose a static site generator. The last time I built a static site without a CMS like Webflow of Wordpress was Jekyll in the early 2010s!

Ruby has a close place to my heart as it’s one of the first programming languages I learned, but decided it was time to try something different. I chose Hugo as my static site generator using the Etch theme. I wrote my own CSS to make it look like my old Webflow site.

My workflow is simple:

  1. Write blog content in markdown using Obsidian
  2. Edit, build, and ship with Replit

Ghostwriter was great to help me refactor my code and ask questions about Hugo’s framework. I hate to read documentation and having Ghostwriter help me through it saved so much time.

Do I think site builders are bad? Of course not. I used to work at Webflow. However, as AI becomes more normalized in our work, it won’t matter if it’s no-code or code.

Whether it’s an application or static website, I’d love if you gave Replit a try; would love feedback on how we can improve the experience.