UX Cambridge – Human-Centered Design Leadership

Thank you for coming to my workshop on Human-Centered Design Leadership! I’ve included slides to the talk for those who asked and appreciate any feedback you may have on it!

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The Twitter Solution

It's been about four months since I deleted my Facebook account. The driving-force was really my desire to spend more time creating content vs. consuming it, and so far it's helped tremendously.

As I seek other places where I can optimize, Twitter is the next one I am considering. This one is a bit harder for me than Facebook, which is a platform I'm not too keen about. Twitter in a lot of ways changed my life. I've been on it for ten years and made so many great friends, professional connections, and yes, even met significant others from it. In fact, all of my best friends in Lower Pacific Heights in San Francisco are friends I met on Twitter. I owe the platform a lot for that.

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Aes Dana – Memory Shell

When it comes to music that helps me work, I really like any electronic with limited (or no) lyrics to focus and have a high-tempo rhythm. I really recommend Aes Dana's album "Memory Shell". I think "Opalin" is my favorite track on it.

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The lesson of patience and relinquishing control in watercolor painting

I recently was in Los Angeles visiting someone for brunch. This person is a fellow creative and we talked a lot about art school days since we have mutual friends. A lot of people probably don't know that I studied art in college, earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing & Painting. I spent countless hours in the studio creating, a core value I still hold dearly today. My favorite medium was oil on linen. Though I had a pretty planned process with a thought-out underpainting and applying glazes, what I loved about oil paint is that you could paint alla prima (wet on wet). This means you can just manipulate the paint to essentially do whatever you want. I loved it because it provided full control.

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Goodbye to Facebook

It seems like just a few years ago when I was in college and my housemates were convincing me to sign up for Facebook. Of course then you had to go to thefacebook.com to and see if your college had Facebook available.

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Advising for Fernish in Los Angeles

A few weeks ago I made some edits on LinkedIn that probably alarmed a lot of my coworkers. On my commute to work I felt a bunch of notifications from my phone. A lot of messages included "What?!?" and "Did you leave One Medical??!?!"

To make it super clear, I am still at One Medical as the Head of Product Design.

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