David Hoang

User Experience and Product Designer

Hello, I’m David. I am a product designer with nearly a decade of experience designing user experiences, interfaces and prototypes in the mobile, wearables, and emerging tech space.

This site includes selected works, design resources, and my blog where I focus on sketches and writing on design.

I am currently based in Seattle, WA and spend a lot of time in San Francisco and New York.

What I Do

Product Definition

I like to figure out "Why are we building this?" before building it by talking to users, analyzing, and defining scope of the product that we are going to build.

Interface Design

I love designing interfaces, whether it is mobile or emerging tech. From drawing to wireframes to Sketch or Photoshop.


IDEO has a saying "a prototype is worth 1000 meetings" and I agree completely. I love creating things that people can use, test, and validate—usually Xcode, Quartz Composer, After Effects, Framer, or Paper Prototyping.


Tony Yates

Senior UX Designer / Microsoft

David is one of the best UI and UX designers I know. He is full of ideas, loves to collaborate, and is always ready to try new things. He can design and develop solutions at a rapid pace while maintaining high standards. We've worked together as both freelance contractors and in-house colleagues for the last few years. He is definitely a go-to-guy and I would happily include him on my short list 'dream team'. Because of David's work, work ethic, and professional demeanor, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Rob Lopez

Email Developer / NetFlix

David is the kind of worker that will work tirelessly to complete a project and even after working 12 hour days will ask you if you need help. His attention to detail is excellent and I particularly appreciate that he can offer an idea because it makes sense and not just because it's "best practice". I always look forward to see what he is coming up with next.

Mikelle Morrison

Owner and Creative Director / MKM Design

I should be so lucky to have had worked with David as we have supported a number of projects together for years now. It is because of David that I have a better understanding for interactive design altogether. It is beyond helpful to have David’s set of eyes on design projects to ensure that all components are aligned with any given direction. He has a way of managing project pieces in a way that is approachable, respectful, and fun! I look forward to working with David’s awesome personality and UX knowledge with further projects that lie for us ahead.

Marie Thacker

Creative Director / HTC

I have worked with David for many years, and seen giant leaps in his career to become one of the best UX Leads i've had the pleasure of working with. He is able to quick dive into challenges, and produce solutions that are both creative and current with trending ux & ui trends. He has a deep knowledge of UX and UI, however he also brings years of experience in Visual Design and Front-end Development which enhances his ability to think creatively about UX solutions. He is an absolute pleasure to work and is a huge value to a digital team.

Kami Bible

Founder / Doodle Therapy Apps

I hired David and his team to create an iPad app for me. Working with David was an excellent experience. From a business standpoint he was knowledgeable and very capable. He worked to include me in the process and managed our project very well. I was always aware of where we stood with regards to deadlines and budget. From a design standpoint, David was creative and intuitive. I could give him my thoughts and ideas in "layman's" terms and he would present the designs back to me better than I could have imagined. I look forward to working with David in the future.

Vince De Asis

Senior Designer / Apple

A relentless work ethic and an adventurous mind for new technology. David is one to explore new designs before others join the bandwagon. He has a strong passion for the user and it shows through his work and charisma. Working with David has not only been a privilege for me, but a learning experience. Any company, project, or team would benefit from getting to know David. He’s going to accomplish big things.