David Hoang

User Experience and Product Designer

Hello, I’m David. I am a product designer with nearly a decade of experience designing user experiences, interfaces and prototypes in the mobile, wearables, and emerging tech space.

This site includes selected works, design resources, and my blog where I focus on sketches and writing on design.

I am currently based in Seattle, WA but am quite present in San Francisco and New York City.

What I Do

Product Definition

Define the product that is going to be built by talking to users, analyzing, and defining scope.

Interface Design

Designing the functionality and visual interface of the product defined—often on paper, OmniGraffle, and Sketch.


IDEO has a saying "a prototype is worth 1000 meetings. Prototypes are built often in Xcode, Quartz Composer, After Effects, Framer—whatever gets the idea across.