Play the part: an introduction to technology experience prototyping

When the product design team creates experiences, it is through service prototyping and high fidelity digital prototypes combined. It’s not just screens but experiences that humans and technology interact with.

This workshop will be hands-on and participants will sketch out ideas, build physical and digital prototypes (with Keynote) and test out their experiences. During this session you’ll learn detailed best practices about each area of experience prototyping from planning, building, prototyping and learning.

Skills you’ll learn:

  • sketching sessions
  • rapid prototyping
  • role playing
  • synthesis of the experience prototype

Human-Centered Design Leadership

As UX and Product Design continues to evolve, so has the design leadership. It is no longer only about people management, but leading a function. Leadership also needs to be more inclusive than ever.

Before David Hoang ever ran his first design team, his group of seasoned mentors prepared him for what is about to come. In this workshop, he’ll share his experiences and facilitate an immersive conversation around the challenges of design leadership, rewards, and how to be the North Star for your team.

This workshop will cover:

  • If design leadership is indeed something you really want
  • challenges of a first-time design leader
  • creating your vision and purpose statement
  • running a smooth ship with operational frameworks that stem from the team vision
  • people management for both the rewarding and hard conversations

Whether you’re a seasoned design leader or hoping to make the switch to people management, this workshop will bound to be a hands-on and immersive workshop.

“David delivered a thorough workshop on human-centred design leadership that was as insightful as it was funny. He shared helpful techniques to handle complicated situations in professional relationships and added some personal anecdotes to the mix, making the lessons both interesting and actually stick.” —Pascal Heynol, Senior Strategic Designer at BCG Digital Ventures