“David is an amazing UX designer, to be sure, but what really makes him an extraordinary leader is his ability to jumpstart Design from the ground up. At Fernish, we had 6 months to go from a vision document to a working V1 product, and David lead the way with rapid iterative wireframing, concept testing, and the creation of our Design System. Because of David’s expertise and clear vision, we were able to save keep the team lean, work in different cities, and save countless months. Not only can David guide a team with purpose, he’s also skilled at senior-level communication – especially building trust and consensus amongst high-level stakeholders. David would be a very smart hire for any startup or team looking to accelerate and elevate their UX processes and product.” —Marta Rouse, Product Designer at Upstart

Whether it’s your brand, product, or team, I can help you get things going. I’ve advised for Fernish and Marco Travel. This service is an hourly rate and you set the agenda. We can talk about your product, set up 1:1s with your team, recruiting, or any other challenge you’re facing.