I speak regularly about design, product, leadership, and career development.


November – Productized Conference: Build to Learn: Experience Prototyping for Product Discovery & Research
July – Hanno Podcast: One Medical: Flipping primary care on its head
April – A panel conversation on designing for healthcare


October – UXDX in Dublin, Ireland
September – UX Cambridge in Cambridge, UK – An introduction to human-centred design leadership 
June – UX Scotland in Edinburgh, Scotland – Play the part: an introduction to technology experience prototyping
June – UX Scotland in Edinburgh, Scotland – Human-Centered Design Leadership
March – try! Swift Conference in Tokyo, Japan
February – Seattle Xcoders in Seattle, Washington


September – UX Cambridge (Link) | Video
September – SwiftConf in Cologne, Germany – (Link) | Video
June – Cocoa Conf Next Door in San Jose, California
March – Design for Healthcare: Designing For Doctors (Link)
March – Seattle Xcoders: Build Like a Kid


September – Real Talk Radio Podcast with Nicole Antoinette (Link)
September 29 – VanCocoa (Link)
September 14 to 16 – UX Cambridge (Link) | Talk Slides
September 9 to 10 – CocoaConf Washington DC (Link)
May 6 to 7 – CocoaConf in Seattle, WA
April 14 – Seattle Xcoders: Me too! Designers working in Xcode|
April 6 – Tradecraft: Fast With Intent—Learning Through Rapid Prototyping


Seattle Prototyping for Designers – July 15
CocoaConf 2015 in Portland, Oregon – May 8 to 9: Designing For WATCH (Link)
Seattle Xcoders in Seattle, Washington – January 8: Designing for WATCH before it ships (Link)


Seattle Ignite: Coast-To-Coast: How to live in two cities (Link)