“David is hands-down the most thoughtful designer I’ve worked with. He cares about the holistic experience—intentionally choosing not to over-index on visual, UX, or any other specialized focus, as he wants to do whatever’s best by the customer. He’s helpful as a mentor and coach to other designers, both as part of design engagements and just as a good human. He’s considerate, has amazing EQ, high reserves of empathy, great teaching skills, and amazing technical design acuity. I’d hire him in a heartbeat—or work for him!” —Lucas Dickey, Co-Founder of Fernish and Managing Director at Brass Pen Ventures

Need help with your product or team? I can help.

I have more than a decade of experience on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, and Web) in many verticals (consumer, enterprise, healthcare, retail, travel, and more). I’ve also led small design teams and scaled our product design team at One Medical from 2 to 13 during my tenure.

I work best with startups (Seed to Series B Range) and corporate companies looking to inject intrapreneurial ventures focused on:

  • Product Discovery (generative research, need-finding, and market fit)
  • Product Design
  • Design Systems (Figma)
  • Prototyping

Sound good? Send me a message.