Vowch is an iPhone app that lets you share the things that you’re into. Let your friends know which athletes you like, what tech products you use and be a trendsetter by spotting things before they become cool.

Role: Product Designer (Contract)

Project Overview
I joined the project when there was already a MVP of the product in iOS 6. My main focus was to change the design style to coincide with iOS 7’s design principles. The main area of focus and challenge was to gradually make changes and introduce features into the app since there was already an existing user base using the app. I met with the stakeholder team on a daily basis to check my status and worked with their developer team based in Europe. Major features I worked on.

  • Adding media to your vowch
  • Creating a vowch—autosuggest
  • Swiping left-to-right to reveal media on vowches
  • Updating existing app to iOS 7 visual style
  • Leaderboards and Levels

The Work

davidhoang-portfolio-vowch_01 davidhoang-portfolio-vowch_02