Nordstrom iPad App

Project Overview

Designing better internal workflows that result in a better customer experience.

My company was hired by Nordstrom to work with their technology team to create a solution for the upcoming anniversary sale; one of the largest revenue-generating periods for the company. The department I worked with at the time did not have the internal experts to design, develop, and deploy iOS applications.


Nordstrom’s anniversary sale is a global event that is the top time for customers to shop. The company is known for best-in-class customer service and a lot of that responsibility is on team members who are working on the floor. These employees refer to a lookbook that helps them be aware of inventory and they reference it with customers. At the time, the lookbook was about 250 pages and distributed through printing physical copies and shipping them to all stores. Since not all stores had the printing capabilities to run PDFs, the physical copies were made in Seattle.

This caused a lot of waste and friction at any time there was a significant update for the lookbook, it would have to get re-printed and re-distributed.

Project Goals

  • Eliminate the need for any paper printing of cookbook catalogs
  • Reduce the time necessary to deploy an update of a lookbook to stores
  • Train employees on the usage of a tablet solution and custom app on their Point of Sale

Product Development Approach

Xhatch drove the product development process and collaborated closely with Nordstrom’s departments in engineering, information technology, and operations to ensure a clean handoff once the project was complete.




In the end we delivered a solution both on the iPad and on their Point of Sale. The result was a more efficient method of distributing the latest versions of the look book, saving on operational efficiency and printing.

“David and his team delivered the most amazing solutions, and worked very hard to find ways to deliver the apps within the confines of a huge enterprise network and complex technical landscape. David always delivers on-time, and on-budget, which I especially appreciate about his services. I’d most definitely recommend David and Xhatch to any of my colleagues and friends as they are a joy to work with and knock it out of the park every time!” —Shannon Charron, Product Owner at Nordstrom