Inspirato: Aspirational Travel on Mobile

Inspirato is a private club that provides its members exclusive bookings to signature residences and stays. Black Pixel was hired by Inspirato to work on the iPad and iPhone apps. This project was an end-to-end client services project from Discovery to submitting to the app store. This project was implemented entirely in Swift.

Role: Lead Designer
Worked With: Matilda Dackevall

Information Architecture and User Experience

Once the business goals and overall creative direction was established the focus was on Information Architecture and system flow of the product. The diagram below (Which is intentionally rasterized) was created as a system flow that the engineering team would use as a reference to validate what they were implementing. Within the IA flow the future phases were also included as a consideration in the currently flow to ensure as much technical debt could be removed and future features could be considered during implementation.


As the IA was being solidified, wireframes were created to build structure and establish a feel for what controllers and user interface elements would be used.




A variety of prototyping methods was used in order to better communicate with the internal team and client. The best method of validation is to show someone the idea. Tools such as Adobe After Effects, Framer, Quartz Composer, and Xcode were used to prototype certain areas of the apps.

Visual Design