Project Overview

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Fernish is a Los Angeles-based startup that launched in 2018 and focused on changing the way people experience home living by offering high quality and affordable furniture subscriptions. I was brought in by Lucas Dickey, a seasoned tech product manager (Amazon, Think Near, Double Twist, Atom Tickets) and long-time friend to advise for the company. I also played the role of interim Head of Design until they can find a full-time person.


  • Launch an MVP website by the end of Q1 2018 to launch the digital presence of business and acquire customers (success)
  • Produce creative for a website with lifestyle and product photoshoot (success)
  • Create a Design System and process that can be continually used by internal product team (success)


In order to be good stewards of resources for an early startup, we took a very iterative and rapid approach. Everything started with pen and paper first to convey ideas quickly and cheaply. Once the team was aligned on the direction we created paper prototypes to validate ideas.

Examples of index cards we’d draw out to map brand values.

After validating the idea we created prototypes using Framer or Principle for Mac.


Design System

A shared pattern library was created in both Sketch and Figma to coordinate between designers and marketing.