Hire Me

Have a problem you’re trying to solve? Let’s chat! I engage in three different services that might be helpful. (Note: I don’t consult in the healthcare space)


The simplest service I offer; hourly advising for you or your company. I am the co-founder you need in the beginning, not forever. You set the agenda. We can talk about your product, set up 1:1s with your team, or get advice.

(Note: My advising services is billing companies. If you are a new designer looking for advice/mentorship, please send me an email as I don’t charge for that!)

Product + Design Consulting

A little more hands-on than advising. I’ll work with you on defining your product, creating prototypes to learn about market fit and customer needs, and set up an initial design system to scale your team. Here are a few projects I’ve worked on

Startups I’ve consulted with: Fernish | Marco



Bring a half-day workshop to your company. My workshops are a human-centered and hands-on approach. I’ll work with you and the participants to personalize the agenda. I have workshops for:

  • Introduction to Human-Centered Design Leadership
  • Prototyping for Designers

“David delivered a thorough workshop on human-centred design leadership that was as insightful as it was funny. He shared helpful techniques to handle complicated situations in professional relationships and added some personal anecdotes to the mix, making the lessons both interesting and actually stick.” —Pascal Heynol, Senior Strategic Designer at BCG Digital Ventures

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