Girl: How many countries have you been to?
Me: Uh, I'm not sure.
Girl: Just name them off.
Me: Croatia, Bosnia, France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland...
Her: What?!
Me: Oh, and also The Netherlands. I guess Canada too.

(This is in the last two years.)

How I feel in Halo 4 when a dude unloads a clip on me and my teammate.

I asked a girl for her number today at the coffee shop and she gave it to me. I forget how willing some girls are in giving their phone number if you just ask.

Which one to use today… #lomo #polaroid

Damn, end of Halo 4 :(

Ken Burns Bullet Time.

(Fail Effects)

“Don’t make a girl a promise… If you know you can’t keep it.” —Cortana

(God, ain’t that the truth.)

Who wants to exchange postcards, drawings, photos, or books?

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