Bring back personal websites

I'm at home in Seattle visiting my family for Christmas. This time of year is one of the few moments in a revolution around the sun that I sit on the couch and be a bit lazy. Looking through my micro.blog feed, Brad Barrish posted this article from Motherboard, We Should Replace Facebook With Personal Websites.

I deleted Facebook about six months ago and have no regrets. There are certainly times I wonder how certain friends are doing where Facebook was the only place we interacted. That said, my digital wellness is a lot better since I deleted Facebook.

The days of people maintaining personal websites were in my mind the golden age of the web. Digital presence has evolved into streams and feeds, so I don't think we'll revert back to static websites any time soon. However, I've been spending more time on RSS feeds and subscribing to the news I want to see from the people I want to hear from.

If you have a personal website or blog, please let me know as I'd love to follow it.

Human-Centered Design Leadership - UX Scotland

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do a work shop at UX Scotland about Human-Centered Design Leadership. I am truly honored to spend the whole afternoon with a group of experienced and new design leaders talking about some of the challenges and rewards of it.

You can get the slides here

Thank you UX Cambridge

Thank you so much UX Cambridge for having me as a speaker. I really enjoyed being here so much and it was one of the best conference experiences I've had. Also, I can't say enough about how beautiful the city is.

If you attended my talk I thank you for taking the time to hear my story. I put my slides on GitHub and am going to create an interactive wiki for the content of the site.

There and Back Again GitHub Wiki

PDX CocoaHeads Talk

Thank you for those who attended PDX CocoaHeads!

In loving memory of Kimberli Diemert (Thoughts are with you @dimsumthinking)


Selling some things

I'm trying to simplify my life a bit by getting rid of things. Luckily for you that means I'm selling some cool tech. Prefer to sell in Seattle or you can pay for shipping. Contact me via email if you're interested.

Black Apple Watch Sport 42mm $200

Photo Jun 24, 7 24 29 PM

Space Gray 12” MacBok (Early 2015) - $1100

1.2 GHz Intel Core M
512 GB RAM

Photo Jun 24, 7 26 30 PM

Photo Jun 24, 7 33 26 PM

iPhone 6 - $350

A little bit of scratches on it but the glass is in good condition
AT&T Space Gray

Photo Jun 24, 7 33 57 PM

DAS Keyboard - $100

Photo Jun 24, 7 37 07 PM

Magic Keyboard - $50

Photo Jun 24, 7 37 34 PM

Magic Trackpad - $50

Photo Jun 24, 7 38 37 PM

Design Job Alerts - May 30

I often have friends and colleagues who are looking for opportunities, so I figured I can post some interesting ones I find and share. I do not get paid to post these but this is simply a list of jobs I personally find interesting. If you or anyone you know is interested have them apply directly.

Capital One is looking for a Mobile Product Designer in Seattle, WA. I have some friends who work here and are very happy.

Robots & Pencils is looking for a UX Researcher remote/anywhere. - Don't know them personally aside from an engineer I used to work with, but seems like a great group of people. Also, remote work FTW!

IMS Health is looking for a Visual UI Designer in Seattle, WA.

PopSugar is looking for a Product Designer in San Francisco, CA.

Change.org is looking for a Lead Product Designer in San Francisco, CA.

Facebook is looking for a Product Designer in Seattle, WA.

Projekt202 is looking for a User Experience Designer in Bellevue, WA. My good friend is the Creative Director there.

Design job openings in Seattle

I have a few friends asking about job openings for designers in Seattle and figured I'd post a few I know about that can vouch for. If there are any other listings I should include, please let me know.

Omni Group, Graphic Designer: Link

Product Design, Mobile at Rover: Link
I know a feel people here (including on design) and they are great folks.

UX Designer at Zillow: Link

UX Designer at Glympse: Link

Design Manager at Uber: Link

Mobile Product Designer at Capital One: Link

Product Designer at IMS Health: Link

The Art of Shipping

This week I got to meet Alan Cannistraro over a cup of coffee in San Francisco. I love having conversations with like-minded people, especially when it comes to shipping. Of course, I look everyone up before I meet them, and stumbled upon Alan's talk at NSConference a few years back. A great talk. Check it out.