HTC One M8 Campaign

Role: Lead UX Designer
Creative Director: Marie Thacker
Photography: Engle Photo
UX Researcher: Ken Ohnemus

The HTC One M8 was the flagship mobile device and our team work on the launch of the campaign. Though we partnered with third party agencies, the Global Digital Marketing team was the in-house resource to deliver.

The Narrative


We recruited models and worked with Tim Engle for the photoshoot. Before that, their personas were created to give us guidance throughout the creative process.


Storyboards by Suzanne Ryckman

Photo Shoot

Wireframe Concepts

Interace Concepts

User Research and Testing

Our team would conduct usability testing every week as we iterated on the designs to answer open questions we had during the week: What are the features that potential consumers cared about the most? How do they research what phone to get?


Vowch iPhone App

Role: Lead Designer

Featured by Apple

I met the co-founders of Vowch after they initially had work done on the iOS app with a digital agency in New York, who by the way, did some tremendous work. I worked on the iPhone app in the transition of iOS 6 to 7 which introduced a new visual style, in addition to working on the Android app.img_portfolio_vowch_02



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale iPad App

The goal of this project is to create an Anniversary Lookbook solution that is easily updated by the business and more automated in time for Anniversary 2012. The Anniversary Lookbook will be used as an internal selling tool providing the Full Line Stores (FLS) and Contact Center the ability to access item information in advance of them arriving in the stores or being published on the website.

My company (Xhatch Interactive) was asked to design, develop, and deploy an iPad solution in addition to a Point of Sale (POS) solution for our client. The previous look books were printed copies (see video below) that were distributed to every FLS and would need to be re-issued every time there was an update. Since Nordstrom already had iPads as part of their operations, this project did not increase the cost but cut spending (not to mention environmental implications) of digitizing the lookbook.

My Involvement

  • Led product discovery with stakeholder to generate use cases, prioritize features, and scope project
  • Designed the Lookbook solution for the iPad and Point of Sale
  • Led the engineering team (our own at Xhatch)
  • Observed and interviewed sales staff to understand process and pain points
  • Worked with training employees and staff on rolling out the devices across stores

Success Looks Like
Increase in Pre-Select/Beauty Exclusives sales of Lookbook items for Anniversary 2012.

Who Used This
Nordstrom Employees at Full Line Stores

12 internal stakeholders from Business Integration, Store Integration, Education, and Operations

Challenges and Constraints

  • Wifi was not constant in the stores so we could not rely on internet as a means to update content
  • Point of Sale solution was optimized for a specific size

The image on the left is the POS solution built and image on the right is the original Look Book.


Carogram for iPad

The goal was simple: a personal goal of getting a product we created on our own to the app store.









"It's about time somebody made a worthwhile Instagram app! Love the carousel view, and the swiping between comments and likes feels really natural. You can't take or share photos from the app directly (why would you want to on an iPad, anyway?), but all the other standard searching/browsing/liking functionality is there. The design even compliments the standard Instagram filters perfectly. Definitely going to be using this one on my iPad exclusively from now on." —yaypwnies, App Store Review (Five Stars)

Case Study: Inspirato

Project: iPad app for Inspirato with Black Pixel
Role: Lead Designer
Worked With: Matilda Dackevall
Functions Involved: Design, Engineering, Project Management, Software Testing

Inspirato is a private club that provides its members exclusive bookings to signature residences and stays. Black Pixel was hired by Inspirato to work on the iPad and iPhone apps. This project was an end-to-end client services project from Discovery to submitting to the app store. This project was implemented entirely in Swift.


  • Increase mobile adoption by launching Inspirato's first ever iPad and iPhone app
  • Give customers a new way to search for a trip different from the web and phone experience

Information Architecture and User Experience

Once the business goals and overall creative direction was established the focus was on Information Architecture and system flow of the product. The diagram below (Which is intentionally rasterized) was created as a system flow that the engineering team would use as a reference to validate what they were implementing. Within the IA flow the future phases were also included as a consideration in the currently flow to ensure as much technical debt could be removed and future features could be considered during implementation.


As the IA was being solidified, wireframes were created to build structure and establish a feel for what controllers and user interface elements would be used.




A variety of prototyping methods was used in order to better communicate with the internal team and client. The best method of validation is to show someone the idea. Tools such as Adobe After Effects, Framer, Quartz Composer, and Xcode were used to prototype certain areas of the apps.

Visual Design