"iWatch" Sketches

A few sketches I did months before Apple Watch was announced, in speculation of use cases for it.


tumblr_n0g8snPNaN1qzpb7uo1_1280 tumblr_n0g9jfLWhY1qzpb7uo1_1280


iPad Drawings: Anna Kendrick

I've been trying to draw on the iPad more so I was messing around on Sketchbook Pro. I loved it from the beginning but the latest update has made it even more powerful. Dotted grid...Dotted grid! Here is a quick drawing I did of Anna Hendrick, who I absolutely love. If I spent more time on this I would refine her hair a lot more and finish the hand. I have a bad habit of not detailing hands but I left it minimal to emphasize her face.


ChatChat Sketch

My friend and I were talking one night about how fun it'd be to have an iPhone app where you can only talk to each other by sending cat photos. "Chat" is cat in, ChatChat.

Unnamed Campfire iPhone and iPad App

Some designs for a 37 Signals Campfire app that Xhatch is working on. We love the product and use it every day for work, and decided to start conceptualizing what we would want in a mobile app. The main feature we wanted was to be able to easily swipe between different chatrooms.


Currently in development.