Escape to New York


I was going to blog about my entire trip to New York but that would take a Hell of a long time. Instead, I'll write them in multiple posts. I'll write about why I went, which is for many reasons, and absolutely none. One of the reasons I decided to go freelance was to be able to travel, see friends, meet people and just work in different locations. It is shocking to people when I told them that I've never been to The Big Apple before. I'm interested in art, design, culture and hipster girls. Why I've never been there before is beyond me.

So I booked a flight and went.

For four days, I just lived my life as a New Yorker: went to work, met new people, visited friends, and yes...even had Sunday brunch. After living in Seattle for five years I've quickly realized how it is merely a large small town. Everyone here seems to know each other and social groups are already established. To make new friends, let alone relationships, is damn near impossible. There was something really charming about the attitude of New Yorkers. I experienced it first hand when I ordered a sandwich and asked the server how she's doing? She looks at me and replies, "What do you want?" I wasn't offended at all, but quickly realized that people have things to do here and places to be. Even the old people push you out of the way if you're walking too slow.

Here are a few photos from my trip:

My friend Gabrielle, who I randomly met at a coffee shop there. I've never met a girl so nerdy, it amazes me. It should have been Riker

A convergence of friends. There is something beautiful about all of your friends from different circles meeting and getting along. I absolutely love it. The highlight of this get-together was Jessica meowing on the streets of East Village.

Meeting Warhol. Those of you who know me well understand my obsession with Andy Warhol. The man is my inspiration and my hero, and the both of us have quite a bit in common. Though I've seen his work in person before, it was such an honor to see his most famous work with my own eyes.

Vivi! Veronica De La Cruz and I started as strangers on Twitter, and now we're family.

In the evenings I just walked around and intentionally got lost in the city. Something about being a nobody was beautiful. So many people who have so many stories, and it's up to us to hear them and tell our own. As cliche as the Jay Z and Alicia Keys song is, the lights definitely inspire you.

Something has been different with me since I've returned. I need to go back.