RAWR Wars - Darth Tyrannosaurus Rex

Here is a new series of sketches inspired by Jennifer Hall. I present to you...RAWR Wars.

Post-Impressionism is most impressive

I always thought I was a Baroque man. Like they say in Beauty & the Beast, "if it's Baroque, don't fix it!" My heart belonged to Rome for multiple reasons. However, after being in Paris for an indefinite amount of time, I'm starting to fall in love with the city. The city of lights has given me the opportunity to look, but more importantly, re-look.

Post Impressionism was a movement I never really appreciated in the art history books. Today I went to look at some of Monet's Water Lily paintings. Damn, those guys could paint. They indeed, captured the essence.

Thank you Paris for making me take the time to look at things and appreciate.

Hand Drawn Avatar: Alyssa Milano

Drawing of Alyssa Milano. Music by Justice.

Hand Drawn Avatars: Olivia Munn

Drawing of Olivia Munn.

Hand Drawn Avatars: Guy Kawasaki

Drawing of Guy Kawasaki.

Hand Drawn Avatars: Chris Pirillo

Drawing of Chris Pirillo.