Apple Park

They’re really hyping up Infinity War.

Cha Cha Chicken

My ritual when going to LA is always stopping by Cha Cha Chicken in Santa Monica.


Black Pixel talent looking for new opportunities

Recently Black Pixel made the difficult decision to downsize their staff, which resulted in a lot of great people looking for the next chapter. For those who don't know, I worked at Black Pixel as Director of Design a few years ago, and many of those impacted were people I worked with directly. They are some of the most dedicated humans I've had the opportunity to work with.

I'm helping put together a list of former Pixels I know who are looking for remote opportunities.



Thinking about many of my beloved former colleagues at Black Pixel. A lot of them are looking for the beginning of their next chapter. I'm trying to help a lot of them find new roles. If you're a remote-friendly company and need Engineers, Designers, QA, please let me know and I'm happy to connect.

Designers Constantly Learning

A great excerpt from the book "Designing for Emerging Technologies" and the need for designers to tinker and learn.

Designers will need to understand the implications of science and technology for people. To do this effectively, we must be able to immerse ourselves in new technical domains and learn them quickly. Just as our understanding of and empathy for people allows us to successfully design with a user’s viewpoint in mind, understanding our materials, whether they be pixels or proteins, sensors or servos, enables us to bring a design into the world. To achieve this, designers need to be early adopters of technology, learning constantly. —Designing for Emerging Technologies

Storytelling for Healthcare

Xin Xin, one of the Senior Product Designers on my team at One Medical wrote a piece about the importance of Storytelling for Healthcare. I highly recommend this read. If you've ever got through a health issue or experienced a loved one going through it, it's very simple to see healthcare as part of our life, and our life is our story.

Planning 2018 Conference Speaking

2017 is wrapping up and I am planning out my speaking engagements for next year. This year I am hoping to find a few more local conferences in the United States to speak at, though I am definitely planning a few international ones.

I typically speak at UX and Cocoa/iOS conferences but would love to expand to Health Care and Leadership conferences. Topics I often speak about include:

- Design leadership and stories about growing into one
- How designers can use code as a powerful method to explore and prototype
- Design processes

You can see an examples talks I gave at Swift Conf and UX Cambridge 2017. I appreciate you sharing with anyone who might be interested.