Home for the holidays: a constant reminder of how much of a dork I was in middle school. #science #nerd

The older you get, the less trophies you receive. :(

You can tell so much about someone’s eyes. This is a perfect example.

I need to get in The Grid, man.

My Honest Day of Thanks

**My Honest Day of Thanks**

Through the month of November some people have been posting what they are thankful for in ancipatoon of Thanksgiving. They say stuff like friends, family, good health. That’s all good, but I am sure there are some things people are really thankful for that they don’t mention. It’s the little things. I too am thankful for friends, family, and good health.

Here are some things I’m thankful for:

People who have seen Prometheus (and actually liked it) so I have a friend to talk about it with.

The ability to order something and ask them not to include horseradish.

Not having a girlfriend in the month Assassin’s Creed III, Halo 4, and Black Ops 2 are released.

Hot girls in New York who wear heavy winter coats but no pants. They really make an effort to share their aesthetically pleasing legs. (But seriously, aren’t your legs cold, homegirl?)

Epic guitar solos, particularly for animated superhero TV shows in the early 90s. Looking at you, Spider Blood, Spider Blood, Radioactive Spider Blood.

People with First World Problems that are so bad they make my First World Problems look like Third World Problems.

Pets who shit in a box, sleep all the time, and leave you alone most of the day.

Eastern European Girls.

Coffee to go with a good book. Books to go with a good coffee.

The chance to be alive and do (or not do) something.

I saw on Twitter that some people are teasing Europe about not having Thanksgiving Day off. I wonder if they know a lot of people in Europe take a full month off in August and get random Saint Feast Days off. Also they probably don’t open on Monday.

Relationships seem so simple for animals. It’s like “I am going to mate with this creature.”

There is no games or trying to change each other. The communication is simple too.

We need to be more primal.

Updated post: then again, animals don’t have to go to work, be involved with political shit, but you pick up what I’m throwing down!

Biggest pet peeve in first person shooters

It always bother me in video games when you take one shot with a weapon, then reload it, your ammo count only reduces by one. Uh, I just saw you replace the entire magazine!