My design equipment when traveling

When I travel and work, I try to keep things light. It's less things to lose if the unfortunate happens and less things to carry. However, I still need some firepower to get work done efficiently. These are the things I take with me:

Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger. For about ten bucks, this is the best charger money can buy. With three plugs and two USB chargers, this little guy can charge everything you carry, including letting someone plug into yours as well (that's what she said).

32 GB iPad. I don't need the iPad when I travel, but it's certainly nice to have when I want to kill time on the plane to read, browse on the web or watch a movie. Most of the time I need a fully powered laptop as I land so it's better to use the iPad battery first before I bust out the big gun.

11" MacBook Air. I made some tweaks to mine. Well, Damon and I both did—increasing the RAM to 4 GB. The reason I take the Air over the MacBook Pro when traveling is that it's lighter and has more battery life. In a quick mission, a commando is going to take the MP5, not the heavy M16.

Moleskine Squared Notebook ($17.95). Notice how soldiers still carry a combat knife despite carrying other weapons? The reason is they need something practical and essentially unlimited use. This 240 page notebook is plenty for me to take any notes or draw.

H&M Man Bag Thingy ($20). It's amazing that a $20 bag can fit everything I need to work without the need to carry everything with me. I absolutely love this bag. The only thing I would suggest is put some padding in there to protect your laptop and other electronic equipment. Another advantage is you can just roll this bag up and put it in another bag for traveling.

Bose IE2 Headphones ($99.95). Hey look, an IE I like! Of course all Bose products are a bit more spendy but these are great to use. I like the headphone volume control so I can use it on my Mac or iPhone for having calls.

Hand Drawn Avatar: Alyssa Milano

Drawing of Alyssa Milano. Music by Justice.