UX Cambridge - Human-Centered Design Leadership

Thank you for coming to my workshop on Human-Centered Design Leadership! I've included slides to the talk for those who asked and appreciate any feedback you may have on it!


Going across the pond twice for conferences

I'm going to be heading across the pond twice in the next few weeks for two conferences I'm really excited about. Next week, I'm thrilled to be back at UX Cambridge for the third year and will be doing a workshop on an introduction to design leadership. This is similar to the one I did in UX Scotland and targeting towards new managers or people considering design leadership.

In October I'll be at UXDX in Dublin and speaking on prototyping towards the product vision and how Integrated UX can help you get there.

Hope to see some of you there!

The Twitter Solution

It's been about four months since I deleted my Facebook account. The driving-force was really my desire to spend more time creating content vs. consuming it, and so far it's helped tremendously.

As I seek other places where I can optimize, Twitter is the next one I am considering. This one is a bit harder for me than Facebook, which is a platform I'm not too keen about. Twitter in a lot of ways changed my life. I've been on it for ten years and made so many great friends, professional connections, and yes, even met significant others from it. In fact, all of my best friends in Lower Pacific Heights in San Francisco are friends I met on Twitter. I owe the platform a lot for that.

However, times have changed. Twitter is no longer the spinoff of a side project at Odeo that had heaps of third party apps. It's a publicly traded company that is continuing to push generating revenue. Most importantly, there are a lot of issues with online harassment. I know that there are a lot of smart people working really hard to make Twitter better every day, and I love them for that. However, I've come to this conclusion.

I need a break from Twitter.

I'm not ready to completely delete it as I need more time to reflect, but have logged out of all accounts. For now, I'm going to focus more on indie blogging. For the service I'm using micro.blog to aggregate content from my WordPress blog. If you haven't used it, give it a try. Manton Reece is a wonderful human being and taking on an ambitious initiative.

I use my micro blog similar to how I used to use Tumblr (which I've now deleted since the Oath acquisition); publishing raw thoughts, photos, and other randomness.

Please join me on my indie blog as I'd love to continue the conversation over there for now.


I am really loving the new version of Sunlit. As I have contemplated deleting Instagram as well, this might push me in doing so.


Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles.

Aes Dana - Memory Shell

When it comes to music that helps me work, I really like any electronic with limited (or no) lyrics to focus and have a high-tempo rhythm. I really recommend Aes Dana's album "Memory Shell". I think "Opalin" is my favorite track on it.

An Introduction to Technology Experience Prototyping - UX Scotland

Thank you to those who attended our workshop at UX Scotland! Slides are available here on my GitHub.

If you have any questions or simply want to stay in touch, you can reach us at:



Human-Centered Design Leadership - UX Scotland

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do a work shop at UX Scotland about Human-Centered Design Leadership. I am truly honored to spend the whole afternoon with a group of experienced and new design leaders talking about some of the challenges and rewards of it.

You can get the slides here