Bicoastal cat-loving INTJ designer.

My name is David Hoang. I am a designer who focuses on mobile applications and interactive spaces. I love making things whether it is physical or digital. Often I am found with a sketchbook, a good book, pour over coffee, or my iPod classic. Currently I call home to Seattle, Washington and Brooklyn, New York.

When I have free time I post photos on Vader Vacation and Coffee + Albums.

What I’m Doing

I am currently a independent product designer as Xhatch (which I co-founded and pronounced “crosshatch”) and work with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to emerging startups. Often I consult and provide strategic help but also integrate with teams to work with them on a daily basis.

What I Have Done

Outside of working for myself at Xhatch I previously worked at HTC as the Lead UX Designer on the Digital Creative team and as a Consultant at ExactTarget, where I had the opportunity to work with world class clients like Expedia, Hotels.com, Nike, and Microsoft.

I have worked on three iOS apps featured by the app store (Paper’d, Shelby’s Quest, and Vowch) and worked with Nordstrom on their anniversary sale digital solution that included an iPad app.

Clients I’ve worked with

What I Love To Do

My passion is designing solutions from the concept to the final deliverable. I like to iterate and be involved in the entire process, whether it is writing down all the requirements or building prototypes in Adobe After Effects, Axure, or Quartz Composer.

You can email me at david[at]davidhoang.com or follow me on Twitter at @davidhoang.