Fight for the user.

In 2011, David Hoang quit his full-time office job to focus on founding his own company and freelancing exclusively. And while the hours are longer, the pace is faster, and he hasn’t taken a real day off in nearly a year, he hasn’t looked back since.

The born-and-raised Pacific Northwesterner spent two years as a production specialist for ExactTarget’s Seattle office, designing and managing e-mail campaigns for high-profile global clients such as Nike, Expedia, Microsoft, Hotels.com, and more. Though he loved the challenge of working with big brands and enterprising clients, the freelance lifestyle—and with it the opportunities to work independently and travel the world—called.

Independently, he’s worked on projects for Nordstrom, Zoka Coffee and Tea Roasters, actor Adrian Grenier, and more. A passion for popular and visual culture has followed him from a fine arts degree through his current work in UX design, and he looks forward to applying his varied artistic experience to new clients.

David currently resides in Seattle, Washington and Brooklyn, New York.


Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, User Experience Design, Rapid Prototyping, iOS Design, Android Design, User Research, Usability Testing, Client Management, HTML/CSS


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I have worked with:

  • iiay
  • aol
  • expedia
  • nike
  • htc
  • supertouch
  • doodletherapy
  • vowch
  • stylend
  • nordstrom