I’m at home in Seattle visiting my family for Christmas. This time of year is one of the few moments in a revolution around the sun that I sit on the couch and be a bit lazy. Looking through my micro.blog feed, Brad Barrish posted this article from Motherboard, We Should Replace Facebook With Personal Websites.

I deleted Facebook about six months ago and have no regrets. There are certainly times I wonder how certain friends are doing where Facebook was the only place we interacted. That said, my digital wellness is a lot better since I deleted Facebook.

The days of people maintaining personal websites were in my mind the golden age of the web. Digital presence has evolved into streams and feeds, so I don’t think we’ll revert back to static websites any time soon. However, I’ve been spending more time on RSS feeds and subscribing to the news I want to see from the people I want to hear from.

If you have a personal website or blog, please let me know as I’d love to follow it.