It seems like just a few years ago when I was in college and my housemates were convincing me to sign up for Facebook. Of course then you had to go to to and see if your college had Facebook available. Like many, I have various opinions about Facebook itself as a social network and company. Last week, while my friend Brady was in town, I decided to delete Facebook; not deactivate, but delete.

There was no reason in particular, but everything in general. When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced Congress on his booster seat, I’m certain many people felt compelled to delete their accounts in the name of privacy and security. For me, it wasn’t a single event, but a decision over time. I reflected for a long time about what my “reason” was for leaving.


I simply need more clarity, and removing Facebook was just one of many things I could have done. I will admit, when I posted on Facebook that I intend on terminating my account, a few people who I rarely heard from posted comments about how they’ll miss following my updates. I was a bit shocked that so many people were paying attention. Some people simply want to passively be kept in the loop with updates, and that’s okay. If I had to be completely honest I re-considered deleting my account, but when my friend Brady came in town to stay with me, that re-affirmed my decision.

Brady is a friend I’ve known since 6th grade. It’s very rare to find friends who’ve known you for so long and see you change as a human. We spent a lot of moments on the weekend having deep conversations about love, our future plans, and our passion for making/creating. I never would have engaged with him like this on Facebook.

It’s not possible to have that deep of conversation with everyone you know, but there was something about the quality of the conversation that I really appreciated.

This isn’t a Medium post about why you should delete your Facebook account, but simply sharing my reason and to assure my friends it wasn’t something they did. I’m really looking forward to the clarity I’m seeking. For example, I probably never would have taken the time to write this and would have been scrolling through Facebook. I hope my friends continue to follow my adventures and engage in conversation, but I’m just doing it a bit more old school with blogging and RSS. It truly will bring a smile to my face to see comments here.

It just won’t be on Facebook.