Advising for Fernish in Los Angeles

A few weeks ago I made some edits on LinkedIn that probably alarmed a lot of my coworkers. On my commute to work I felt a bunch of notifications from my phone. A lot of messages included “What?!?” and “Did you leave One Medical??!?!”

To make it super clear, I am still at One Medical as the Head of Product Design.

I did add on LinkedIn that I’m advising for a Los Angeles-based startup called Fernish. Turns out I forgot to turn off the toggle that announces it on LinkedIn!

So why am I advising for a startup in Los Angeles when I am in San Francisco? It started when I was on vacation there catching up with my good friend Lucas Dickey. We met at Philz Coffee (if yo know Lucas, that’s the only option) to catch up, and he shared with me an idea he was looking to start with a former colleague. From there Fernish was born.

Lucas is a friend I’ve known for a decade and we’ve always wanted to work together in some capacity, and advising on Design and Product was something that was a good fit.

Fernish is a company in LA focused on changing the way you live by offering subscription-based furniture. As someone who has constantly moved in the last 10 years of my life, Fernish is something I need in my life. Imagine a world where you can simply pack a suitcase, move to a new home, and have the home you dreamed of. I have flashbacks and nightmares about all the furniture I used to share with my roommates that we bought off Craigslist for $40.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, check them out at

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