What you can do for my birthday

It is the last day of the year, and it is indeed my birthday. I’ve never really made a big deal out of celebrating it or was ever into gifts. In previous years, people would ask me what I’d like, and I would decline completely. I felt like it was selfish to ask for anything. As the years go by, I’m starting to realize for people it’s because they want to do something for me, not that I am expecting it from them. Despite my desire to be the male version of Amelie Poulain and surprise/delight everyone…I was never good at receiving gifts.

This year is different. I am going to share a bit of things that I would like. There is no expectation, but anything you do is most appreciated.


Aside from you donating to a charitable cause, this is the most helpful. Why cash? Well, cash is easy. Growing up in an Asian-American family, receiving cash was typical, and I loved it. There are some side projects I want to do and fund, such as painting again, going on a photo trip, and getting The Rock Tumbler Collective off the ground.

You can send me money with Square Cash.


  • Amazon Wish List – Some things I’ve been looking to buy for side projects and art that I haven’t been willing to prioritize
  • Band Camp – Those who know me aren’t surprised that I still listen to music on my iPod classic. I love buying music from Band Camp, especially Synthwave.


Helping a meaningful cause is most appreciated. Here are some non-profits that I personally donate to and really support:

Thank you and have a safe and Happy New Year!