Talk Title: Making Together: The Need for Organizations to Have Internal Studios


The practice of design, engineering, and product management has been see as the foundational aspect for building products. However, as product roles continue to evolve with ever-changing problem spaces, the lines of responsibilities have blurred. This talk challenges the notion of ownership and function with the intention to break the barriers and friction by building together synchronously. A world where a PM cares as much about design as much as a designer cares about working with engineering directly to get it shipped.

One approach to this problem is building a work culture and space that fosters a studio model within organizations, whether you are a small startup or large corporation.

This talk covers:

  • Why current processes are broken
  • The importance of having a space focused on collaboration
  • Work approaches and tools needed
  • Seeing the problem together

Note: The focus of this talk will vary based on the conference/audience. I plan to dive very specific in process and proposed work structures for more technical conferences for engineers and designers.