I often have friends and colleagues who are looking for opportunities, so I figured I can post some interesting ones I find and share. I do not get paid to post these but this is simply a list of jobs I personally find interesting. If you or anyone you know is interested have them apply directly.

Capital One is looking for a Mobile Product Designer in Seattle, WA. I have some friends who work here and are very happy.

Robots & Pencils is looking for a UX Researcher remote/anywhere. – Don’t know them personally aside from an engineer I used to work with, but seems like a great group of people. Also, remote work FTW!

IMS Health is looking for a Visual UI Designer in Seattle, WA.

PopSugar is looking for a Product Designer in San Francisco, CA.

Change.org is looking for a Lead Product Designer in San Francisco, CA.

Facebook is looking for a Product Designer in Seattle, WA.

Projekt202 is looking for a User Experience Designer in Bellevue, WA. My good friend is the Creative Director there.