I’ve been inspired by my friend William Van Hecke (User Experience Lead at Omni Group) who has been posting daily on his blog about thoughts on design. I will try to follow his example by writing daily as an excuse to use my 12″ MacBook (yay) but may not post everything. However, what I will do instead is create a design prototype once a week. I’m doing a presentation in July about creating prototypes with Origami and will share these prototypes eventually on my GitHub account.

This project is an exploration of the behavior of cells. In this fictitious app I explored the idea of custom cells that can expand. This allows a user to tap on a list of people to contact them.

I also wanted to prototype the behavior of marking something as done. This gesture recognizer interaction is popular among many 3rd party apps on iOS. In this prototype, swiping slightly will be conditional and show a user a checkmark indicating that “This will be marked as done”.