I have been recently working on a lot more products that are interactive spaces as opposed to devices. A lot of these are mirrors. In the past few weeks I pondered how certain spaces can be enhanced with an interactive experience juxtaposed with a physical location. The fitting room is one.

After some sketching and thinking, I tried to come up with some solutions that could remove friction from the fitting experience and buying the products. For me personally, one big pain point is trying on clothes and realizing they don’t look good on me. I played around with the idea of a “preview” function. The idea for this is to have the mirror act as a catalog for the user to view different products while in the room as opposed to going to the rail and fitting room. Someone could simply press “preview” and the article of clothing would project in the mirror and show the customer what it would look like on him or her.

Ideally, there would be 3D renderings of the apparel so the person could turn around and see how it would look from a 360 degree perspective. If a person really wanted to try it on for real, he or she press “try it on now” on the mirror and a sales associate would bring the item in the back.

This sort of experience could translate into a mirror at home. A person could simply preview a few items, have it shipped to his or her house or have it ready at the local retailer.