This week my friends launched Bests: Share the movies, tv shows, bands, songs, books, and foods you think are the best!

Here are some reasons why I love Bests.

It’s Dead Simple

Who doesn’t love lists? It’s very fun and an easy way to share your favorite things with friends.

You Get to Know People

It has been so fun to see my friends’ Bests to find out what we have in common, or even what we don’t have in common. Like Sheree says:


Know Where You Stand

I was surprised how difficult it was to come up with my lists. There were films I thought that were in my Top 10 and clearly are nowhere close. For me, it was a great (but fun) exercise to see where things were prioritized.

See my Bests here. I’d love to see yours when you create one. Please send me the links in your comments so I can check them out!