If you want to try ADN without having to read this blog, here you go!

I’m a huge fan of App.net (ADN) and a big believer of what they are doing. What is ADN? It is an ad-free social network. Some of you may be familiar with the Alpha, which is a timeline of posts. Sound familiar? However, that’s really not what ADN is at all. With ADN, you get access to a network of apps that include file storage, private and public chats, file, photo and video sharing — and there’s more to come.

What I love about ADN is the community. It is a very supportive and open community and reminds me of what Twitter used to be in the early days. You will see more signal vs. noise, as there are no promoted tweets, and the content users generate seem to be more conversation as opposed to promotion.

My belief is when something is free, YOU are the product. I like that ADN is selling a product, and not you.

I’d like to invite you to try App.net for free! If you sign up here, you will receive the free tier account, and you will not be charged. I do hope you’ll love it and see the value of an open API and the respect of your content.

Here are a list of the ADN apps available, but a few of my favorites are:

  • Orbit: File storage system similar to Droplr for ADN
  • Patter for iOS: Remember chatrooms?!
  • Netbot: Tapbot’s brings ADN to iOS
  • Kiwi: A great ADN client for the Mac
  • Riposte: A really slick iOS app

Some people I often talk to on ADN, and who you should follow:

Give ADN a try now and I hope to see you on there! Please let the ADN Team know what you think.

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