At some point today, it dawned on me that I am living a near-perfect life of what I wanted. This morning, I woke up late (not a morning person) and went to the beach with my friend for a few hours. After I was wide awake and satisfied with some outside time, I spent the rest of the day designing, listening to Beastie Boys. This is all while traveling in Europe.

This is what I worked for, and I need to take time to be thankful for it. Sometimes we’re so busy with our lives that we don’t realize how lucky we are (or can be).

For me, most of the dream has been achieved but must also be continued and improved. There’s one big piece missing in my life but I won’t bore you with the details. In addition, a dream and aspiration I have always wanted has returned in my life again. It’s a rather ambitious one and will take some time to make come true.

The lesson I’ve learned most is that if you want to reach your goals or make your dreams come true, you have to sacrifice and let things go. One cannot carry the weight of everything. My advice to my friends (and myself) is to prioritize what it is you need in your life, what you want to do, then execute.

In the mean time, I must travel around more of the world, meet all these wonderful people and continue to do the work I love.

Almost living the dream…not quite there yet.