I officially spend about an hour in Paris. After landing in Charles de Gaulle International Airport, I immediately walked out the terminal to go in another one, heading to Croatia. I don’t know much about Croatia except heard it’s a very beautiful country with a lot of history. That was enough for me to go there.

It is so beautiful here. The people are very friendly and the air is so fresh with the smell of plants, flowers and other wildlife—probably the freshest air I’ve smelt in my life. Yes, that includes Washington State. I can’t stop looking at the people, who vary from olive skinned and dark hair to tall and blonde.

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, reminds me very much of Siena, Italy. The streets and architecture combined with the old men in Adidas track suits. The most beautiful thing about Zagreb though is the culture. At 4pm I realized that most of the city was outside at Cafe Bars having coffee, food and conversations. This went on all night. If I were back home people would probably still be working until 8pm or later. I believe people just open shops until late at night and just take breaks whenever possible.


The plan now is to rent a car and drive down to Split per the recommendation of Damon. I’m planning to drive over to Bosnia to check that out tomorrow. I only wish I knew how close I was to Budapest, so I could visit. That might have to be for another time, or later in the trip.