When the new MacBook Air came out, there were a lot of opinions about it. Some people were super-excited about it, others were haters. I am not pouring any Hatorade on this thing. It’s an amazing machine.

My current setup was a MacBook Pro with Cinema Display Monitor, an iPad + iPhone. It’s a phenomenal setup to do all my design and development work, but of course, I could use another machine. I went to the apple store and ran into my friend Damon and we chatted about the machine. Well, see the photo below to find out what happened:

I got a lot of criticism for buying it from friends and strangers. Here’s the criteria that determined my purchase:

It’s my money, I can do whatever I want with it.

Plain and simple—I saved the money myself and will do whatever I please with it. The money I save from not going out, not smoking, dining and other expenses pretty much went to my computer fund. I can’t say the same about coffee though. I’m not stinking rich but had some income from freelance work and selling art and decided this was a noteworthy investment.

I work…a lot

My close friends know that I probably work about 80-100 hours a week—whether it’s my consulting job, freelance or just on projects. I want to have the best weapons out there. Did they tell Picasso no tier 1 brushes? Did they tell Keith Sweat no velvety smooth vocals? I don’t think so. I’m a believe in spending a bit more money to have the top of the line, whether it’s a pair of designer jeans or a computer. No, I don’t buy Apple because it’s apple, but it’s the platform I love working with most.

On the go

I travel a lot and have plans to travel heavily in the next few years. I want to have a lightweight machine that has enough firepower, whether I’m in Indianapolis for business or sitting at some cafe in Morocco. Most of the work I do is on the cloud anyway so the hard drive has had no importance to me. I wanted something that could literally fit in an envelope. See below.


  • Solid state drive is wicked-fast. Programs open a lot faster than on my MB Pro, which I will definitely get a SSD hard drive for it once the prices drop a bit more.
  • Long-lasting battery. The average trip I take on the plane is about five hours, which is the working battery life on one of these.
  • The perfect secondary machine. I got the 11″ so it’s the perfect companion for my 15″ MacBook Pro. Again, that’s what I bought it for. For those of you who play Command & Conquer, I compare my MB Pro to the Mammoth Tank where the MB Air is an Orca.


  • Oh snap attack. I seriously feel like I can break it in half. Be very careful—assuming it’s delicate.
  • Power off Einstein. The power button is a bit too close to the delete key for comfort. I don’t know where else you’d put it, but I might have designed it so it’s not the same type of plastic key.

If you bought a MB Air I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.